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Sent Me Many Quotes for a Year Before Finding the Right Home

28.09.22 03:44 PM By Whitney - Comment(s)

"Anthony and team were extremely responsive and addressed my questions immediately. I had them send me many quotes over the course of a year before finding the right home. They were patient through this process and we appreciated their professionalism throughout." - M. Palmer

Benefits of Bi-Weekly Payments to Pay Off Your Home Faster | Houzd Mortgage

12.09.22 04:50 PM By Whitney - Comment(s)
Learn more about the benefits of bi-weekly mortgage payments and how it can help you pay off your home faster. Contact Houzd Mortgage today for more information!

Intro to ITIN Loans | Houzd Mortgage

29.08.22 07:17 PM By Whitney - Comment(s)
Learn about how the ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) loan process works, who is eligible and what requirements need to be met in order to qualify.

Mortgage Recasting Vs. Refinancing | Houzd 

22.08.22 06:27 PM By Whitney - Comment(s)
The idea of recasting or refinancing a mortgage can often be confusing for people, but the payoff is huge if you do it correctly. Here we explain how to determine whether recasting is right for you

Is Today a Good Time to Buy a House? | Houzd Mortgage

15.08.22 05:51 PM By Whitney - Comment(s)
Unsure if now is the right time to buy a home? Check out this article to explore the current market and why we believe there is still value in buying today.