Houzd Mortgage

Charles Mimnaugh

Loan Officer
​NMLS # 215395

About Leandro:

Hi I'm Charles, your friendly neighborhood loan officer.


The first thing you should know about me is that I love the outdoors and traveling. I live for kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, skiing, and video gaming. Odds are if you can't get a hold of me I'm on the water or under the water  somewhere.


Although I love the outdoors, my next favorite thing  is helping people with something that really matters - buying and owning real estate!


Whether you are wanting to purchase a new home, an investment property or just want to look into saving money monthly, I'm the guy to help you find the best deals and opportune moment to move in the market.


I put a high value on helping all of my clients make informed decisions about their mortgage. I'll take the time to sit down with you and explain all of your mortgage options in terms that are easy to understand.


It's not just me our whole team will provide superior service, we treat your loan like it's our own! We know getting a mortgage is a big deal so we do our best to provide an easy and stress-free process.


If you have questions about purchasing or refinancing, reach out and I would be happy to help you get a great deal.